CMPD Releases Body Cam Video of Officer Involved Shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC– “Police department, gun, gun” he’s got a long gun, get back get back he’s got a long gun” yells Officer Dezenzo in the video.

This body camera video came from Officer Dezenzo who you see running for cover across the street. Police say Yaroslav Mosiuk came out of the Justice Avenue home on March 8th and pointed the rifle at Dezenzo as he ran away. Now take a look at the video from Officer Brian Walsh’s body cam, the moments before and after he shot and killed Mosiuk.

“He has a gun, shots fired shots fired, he’s moving”

The woman you hear is Oleysa, Yaroslav’s sister, who called 9-1-1 worried her brother was going to hurt himself that day.

She also told 911 the gun wouldn’t fire.

“He doesn’t have they key for the gun, he’s not going to do anything,” yelled Olesya.

DA Andrew Murray released a report last week, saying Officer Walsh was justified in using deadly force since even though Mosiuk’s back was to Officer Walsh, Mosiuk had the rifle pointed at Officer Dezenzo posing an imminent danger.

“What they saw was a man coming out with a long range rifle, with a scope on it, pointed at them,” said Officer Walsh’s attorney, Mike Greene.

Attorney for the Mosiuk family, Lauren Newton says they don’t see it as cut and dry and are glad the public finally gets to see what happened.

“We’d like everyone to keep in mind at the end of the day this was a mental health call,” said Newton.