MLS Won’t Meet With County Commission During July 18 Visit

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It was very puzzling, and it happened very quickly,” said Commissioner Pat Cotham.

County Commissioner Pat Cotham is just one of several commissioners who said they would attend a meeting with MLS officials during their visit next Tuesday, until they realized it wouldn’t be open to the public.

“If we are talking about county business and we have five of us there then it has to be a public meeting with 48 hours notice and the media is invited and public,” said Cotham.

County Manager Dena Diorio tweeted that the meeting had been canceled because MLS wanted private meetings but commissioners wanted them public. Representatives for soccer advocate group MLS4CLT tell WCCB: “The purpose of major league soccer’s July 18 meetings with local officials has been mischaracterized. MLS never requested private meetings with public officials.” MLS4CLT set up the meet and greet visit.

City leaders are still meeting with MLS officials. Mayor Jennifer Roberts says she’ll be in that meeting.

“I think what the discussion will be around not just next week with the MLS officials but also with the community, the discussion will be around priorities and timing,” said Roberts.

Roberts says the city has about $11 million less than what MLS has asked for so she’s not sure if that will take Charlotte out of the running.

“It’s a great opportunity for our city we want to keep the doors open to opportunity but we also want to be prudent with taxpayer money,” said Roberts.