Suspect Charged In Apartment Fire, Non-Profits Gather To Help Find Housing

CHARLOTTE, NC– Police say 20- year old Jesus Lopez intentionally set the fire at Woodscape Apartments Monday that injured seven and left about 40 families homeless.

“A lot of these folks one o clock in the morning ran out of their apartments no shoes on their feet nothing and they lost everything,” said American Red Cross volunteer, Veronica Muir.

New Hope Baptist Church has served as a donation spot while Albemarle Middle is a makeshift shelter for more than 100 people. Thursday the focus of a meeting with agencies like Red Cross and Crisis Assistance was on finding more permanent housing for the families.

“Various non-profits here working together to address housing, clothing, furniture immediate needs,” said City Councilwoman, Dimple Ajmena.

Meanwhile, some misplaced tenants say the landlord isn’t helping with getting rent money back or new housing.

“It could have been you, it could have been your family, how could you not have money when you have all these properties where’s the help from you where’s the care and compassion that you said you cared about us,” said displaced tenant, Renee Mack.

We spoke with owner, Dave Fontanta with Farm Pond Apartments Group he says they have already put five families in new apartments and are working around the clock to get the others by the end of the month.

“We think we can get 30 units up and running in the back right away so we’ve been working with the building department, getting permits, we’ve had electricians and plumbers here for the last two days,” said Fontana.