Trump Supporters Pack City Council Meeting Over Councilwoman’s Recent Comments

CHARLOTTE, NC — Supporters of President Trump packed tonight’s Charlotte City Council meeting to protest recent comments by Democrat Councilwoman Dimple Ajmera.

“Demeaning and putting aside women is not a Charlotte value,” said one Ajmera supporter.

Crowds voicing strong support for Ajmera during Monday night’s city council meeting, but Trump supporters were just as present filling the council chambers.

Trump supporter Becky Lambert said, “Her opinion, as I see it just an opinion, is derogatory towards everyone who supports trump.”

Protesters say they are outraged at Ajmera’s comments when she said Trump supporters should not be able be to hold leadership positions in Charlotte.

“We believe that what she said was wrong and it’s borderline unconstitutional we have our right to our voice in this city and in any government in the United States of America,” said Jack Lambert, another Trump supporter.

The crowds mixed and exchanged words at times inside chambers. Before the council meeting ever began, Councilwoman Ajmera held a press conference.

“My remarks on Trump were never about political party.”

Ajmera thanked her supporters and reached out to opponents saying she is speaking out for all of Charlottean’s values.

“Instead it remains standing up for my values and my principals which includes standing up for women , minorities, immigrants, disabled and the poor.”

Though the chamber was packed and the opposing crowds did exchange words at times it never got out of control or unruly.

At the end, Mayor Roberts acknowledged the crowd and said they were heard and she appreciated their peaceful manner of protest.