Commissioners Turn Over Memorial Stadium To City During Heated Vote

CHARLOTTE, NC — The fate of a Major League Soccer stadium in Charlotte is now in the hands of the city after Mecklenburg County Commissioners voted to give Memorial Stadium to the city.

It turned into total chaos inside the county chambers after two commissioners presented motions. They voted on one and then debate and argument began about whether everyone understood the vote.

Here’s what Commissioner Jim Puckett’s motion did:

  • It approved $49 million to go toward the parks and rec bond.
  • Gives memorial stadium over to the city, which Puckett says puts a cap on the county’s contribution towards MLS soccer.

Instead of giving county tax dollars, Puckett says they will give it to the city to do what they want with it.

After the first 5-3 in favor vote several commissioners against the motion questioned if Chairwoman Scarborough realized she was voting to give away the stadium. Commissioners went back and forth causing Commissioner Ridenhour to sound off.

“Some of you knew the chair was going to vote in this manor prior to this meeting and yet, because you’re not satisfied with the result of the vote, you are going to try and berate our chair over the vote,” said Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour. “You are trying to confuse her over what this means and I think, I am appalled this is how we are conducting ourselves when we are not happy with the vote.”

Commissioners say the vote provides a contribution to the MLS cause, while putting it’s fate into the hands of the city.