NAACP hosts “Stop the Hate” Rally in Uptown

CHARLOTTE, NC–“White supremacy stay away Nazis you’re not welcome and KKK not today,” said State Senator, Joel Ford.

Local politicians black and white called on both political parties to stand united against racism and acts of violence like we saw in Charlottesville this weekend.  Even calling out President Trump for not immediately denouncing hate groups.

“He comes out in two seconds and he condemns people on Twitter but he was silent,” said County Commissioner, Pat Cotham.

Charlotte NAACP President Corine Mack organized the rally at AME   Zion Church in Uptown.

“Those who have harmed in their public and private lives that we will not stand for it here in Charlotte and we will fight for justice throughout this entire country,” said Mack.

Several religious leaders spoke of discrimination against their faith.

“As Jews we know that many of us are here today because righteous people stood by our side in our times of need,” said one local rabbi.

Former State Senator Malcolm Graham lost his sister in the Emmanuel Charleston Church shooting.

“We have to call racism when we see it, we have to call it out when we hear it, we have to call it out when we feel it,” said Graham.

Even concerned citizens let their voices be heard.

“We have a leader who incites the worst tendencies in human kind,” said North Carolina National Guard member, Ryan McGill.

” When you hear offensive conversation offensive language its your responsibility to step up and stand up,” said Mack.