Waiting Child: William

CHARLOTTE, NC- In today’s Waiting Child segment, we introduce you to a smart, loving kid who has a pretty cool reading teacher.

Meet William, he’s 11 years old and in the 5th grade. Fun fact about William, he has a famous teacher, “My reading teach is Barry White Jr., and he’s famous for doing handshakes.”

William says his teacher remembers special handshakes for each student in all three of his classes. Even though he likes his teacher, he says he’s still not a big fan of reading, “I don’t like reading that much, but I do like math.”

When he gets older he wants to be a football player. However, his love for math has him considering a career as an electrician, “Why I want to be a football player is because I like football and an electrician because they make a lot of money.”

William is in need of a forever family to call his own.  He’s a sweet loving kid who he knows how important it is for all everyone to have a family, “All kids need families so they can be taken care of.”

Consider adoption, you have the chance to change William’s life forever.

If you think William would be a good fit for your family contact the North Carolina Children’s Home Society.

Link: https://www.chsnc.org/