Coach Rivera Dishes on Thanksgiving Favorites & Football

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Coach Ron Rivera is ready for a quick break this Thanksgiving bye week. His favorite turkey day dish? He says “cranberry pudding.” WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked Coach, “Do you contribute anything to the Thanksgiving meal?” Rivera replied, “Other than being there? No. No, you know what, I shouldn’t say that, I end up doing the dishes.”

Clean up has been a theme so far this season. From player protests, to Cam’s press conference misstep, to the Kelvin Benjamin trade fans never saw coming. Coach says, “Now looking at all those things, I always refer to certain sayings and stuff like that, and, well, if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.”

Rivera says he tries to keep social issues and politics out of football. Nowadays, that is simply impossible. Fogarty asked, “Do you think Colin Kaepernick should be working in this league?” Coach replied, “Probably. I think with him, it’s about opportunity more so than anything else.”

As for Carolina, they’ve got the Jets up next, and then the division leaders: the Saints. But this Panthers team is built to win. Fogarty asked Rivera he’s catching 2015 vibes. He said, “Each team has its own personality and this year, to compare it to 2015, is a little premature because of the personality we’re trying to develop.”

Speaking of personalities, Cam is looking like his 2015 MVP self and the defense, anchored by the likes of Luke Kuechly, looks stout. Fogarty asked, “How does Ron Rivera, the linebacker, compare to Luke Kuechly, the linebacker? Coach laughed and said, “It pales in comparison. Other than having shared the same jersey number 59, after that, there’s not a lot of comparison. He’s tremendous.”

Rivera tells Fogarty this season, right now, Panthers control their own destiny – no one else.

Fogarty asked, “What do you think the media gets wrong most frequently with this team? Or fans? But I’ll take the hit because I’m here as a member of the media.” Click here for his answer.