More Sexual Harassment Claims to Come for Charlotte Eye Doctor

CHARLOTTE, NC– “With as many allegations against him as there are currently pending, It doesn’t surprise me he surrendered his license,” said attorney, Meg Maloney.

Attorney Meg Maloney says it’s about time well known Charlotte eye doctor Jonathan Christenbury stopped practicing. She’s about to file a third sexual harassment complaint against him.

“What you find out when someone comes forward is that there are many other individuals who suffered at the hands of the same people,” said Maloney.

One case settled, a second lawsuit is still ongoing. In it, a former employee says Dr. Christenbury created a hostile workplace filled with sexual comments and advances. The suit claims, in May 2015 “He grabbed her hair; pulled her against his body, and smacked her butt. he said he wanted to kiss her.”

Maloney says the accuser feared for her job after she says other were retaliated against for rejecting his sexual advances.

The lawsuit claims: “…he was going to get a coworker terminated. previously, he had asked that coworker and plaintiff to go on a vacation with him. neither agreed to go.”

“Sexual harassment bottom line is abuse of power, that’s something not everyone understands it’s not always about sexy time it’s about abuse of power,” said Maloney.

Which Maloney says resulted in her client being fired in August of 2015 after she took her formal complaint to her boss, the clinic’s COO who she says did nothing.