Mostly Rain Falls In The Queen City As Other Areas Get Blanketed With Snow

CHARLOTTE, NC — Charlotte Department of Transportation crews have started salting city bridges as well as hospital entrances and other emergency roads just as a precaution through the night and into tomorrow morning. However, for the most part , e’ve just seen rain here in Charlotte.

Throughout the Charlotte area, rain fell all day. At times it seemed to turn to hail, but never much more.

We didn’t get the beautiful winter weather like they did north of the city. Here holiday events like Christmas ice-skating outside SouthPark were shut down because of the rain.

Some air travel was delayed due to the snow, mostly because of the weather in Atlanta. In other areas, Delta reported some 600 flights canceled… impacting a little more than a dozen here in Charlotte.

NCDOT says its main concerns are the counties north and west of Mecklenburg, but they will start mobilizing crews, including 53 state contract trucks, across the county if needed.