Providing Christmas for Survivor of Deadly Domestic Violence

CHARLOTTE, NC — Three murders in Charlotte just this weekend.

In one case, an 11-year-old girl is the only survivor.

CMPD says the father shot and killed his wife, mother, then shot the little girl before killing himself.

Family says the little girl is paralyzed in the hospital.

It’s a deadly case of domestic violence that has left the community wrapping its arms around the 11-year-old, Tiffany.

Judy Williams with Mothers of Murdered Offspring is scrambling to provide Christmas for Tiffany and her brother and sister.

“I remember thinking, gosh what’s going to happen to this child,” said Williams.

Tiffany is still in the hospital.

Family says Tiffany is in critical condition at the hospital.

CMPD says her father, Antioco Chacon shot and killed her mother, Marina Aguilar and his mother, Asuncion Chacon-Perez. Officers say he shot the

11-year-old and then himself.

It happened before 8:40 Saturday morning at the apartment complex in Kilborne Dr.

Her family told WCCB Charlotte Tiffany’s brother and sister escaped and ran to their apartment next door for help.

“We’re terrified how the kids came running to us scared,” said the aunt. She asked WCCB Charlotte not to release her name but says it’s unbelievable.

She says they will send the bodies to Mexico for burial Thursday, but that will be costly.

It was one of seven shootings and two assaults with guns in Charlotte this weekend.

Four people in those cases died.

“During the holiday season, put the guns down!” said Williams. “Please, put the guns down.”

Mothers of Murdered Offspring is one organization gathering money and Christmas gifts for the girl in the hospital and her siblings, a 7-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy.

“We can all pitch in and make sure they have the best Christmas possible,” said Williams.

Family says maybe, for a moment, the children can find some joy.

“They’re all going to need a lot of help and a lot of love for a very long time.” said Williams.

Mothers of Murdered Offspring is collecting money and donations. You can drop them off at 2425 Kingspark Drive Suite B Charlotte, NC 28208.

Here is a list of donation ideas for the children:

7-year-old girl:
Vans shoe size: 2 or 3
Shirt size: 8
Pants size: 8
Jacket size: 10
Barbies, emoji pillow, slime kit, FurReal walking dog, cook set, kitchen, American Doll, box of crayons, tablet, doll house

13-year-old boy:
Jacket size: 16-18
Shirt size: 16
Pants size: 14-16
Vans Shoe Size: 7
iPhone, or Samsung, Soccer ball, PSP game with CD

Tiffany: 11-year-old girl
Pants size: 12 or 14
Shirt Size: 16
Addidas Shoes: 4 or 5
Jacket: 16
Slime kit, emoji pillow, FurReal walking dog, barbies, Iphone or Samsung, American Doll