Lynx Repairs Delays Commuters Ride to and From Work Wednesday

CHARLOTTE, NC– “This morning they left us out waiting in the cold,” said South Charlotte resident, Bea Gutierrez.

The morning started off with chilling news for people at the Sharon Road West Lynx station trying to get to Uptown…the train wasn’t coming.

” We were standing here for awhile before they even come out and told us,” said South Charlotte resident, Phillip Bracken.

CATS says an insulator in the overhead system that powers the light rail train broke causing the overhead wire to sag and be damaged. So service from the New Bern station south to 485 shut down. Commuters starting in Uptown heading south rode the train, then found out they had to get off.

” They told us we have to leave off the train, get on the shuttle the shuttle will take us to each stop back to here and a lot of people were confused didn’t know what’s going on, Lynx doesn’t communicate with CATS,” said Uptown resident, Deoren Robinson.

Commuters say CATS didn’t communicate with them, the train wasn’t fixed for the evening ride home.

“I didn’t get any alert, I’m a pass holder so I’m thinking they’re going to send me an alert right,” said Southwest Charlotte resident, Cassandra Kinkaid.

South Charlotte residents say it made for a long commute home.

“It’s worse the roads are backed up, it took more than double, triple the time it normally takes,” said Bracken.

After taking two shuttles from Uptown to Sharon Road West and with a 20-minute drive ahead to get home. One mom scrambled to make sure her kids were picked up in time.

“My niece is picking up my daughter from preschool, I have my other niece picking up my middle schooler and I’m just getting back to my car,” said Kinkaid.

CATS is posting updates on their Twitter @CATSRideTransit and also on their webpage at