CMPD release surveillance pictures of suspect in 7-Eleven fatal shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It is critical that we identify this individual as soon as possible,” said CMPD Lt. Alex Watson.

CMPD released these surveillance pictures of the man they say shot and killed 55-year-old Khaled Elmerkabaoui in cold blood. The shooting happened early Saturday morning inside the 7 Eleven on Westinghouse Boulevard.

“Tireless worker the kind of guy give you the shirt off of his back a humble humble individual who wouldn’t hurt a fly,” said CMPD Spokesman, Rob Tufano.

Police also released this picture of what they believe to be the suspect’s car. Elmerkabaoui’s wife stood by as CMPD announced 7 Eleven is adding $10,000 to the $5,000 Crimestoppers reward.

“It speaks volumes about Mr. Elmerkabaoui as an employee but more so as a person,” said Lt. Watson.

Elmerkaboui worked for 7-Eleven for five years. Police say he complied with the suspect’s demands and don’t understand why the robber felt the need to kill him. Detectives want to talk to five witnesses they hope saw something that can help track the killer. They’re begging the public to call with any information.

“Fifteen- thousand dollars for information that leads to the arrest, of the person, the person who took this 55-year-old man’s life,” said Tufano.

Police offer advice to other store clerks especially working overnight hours like the victim.

“If you see anything suspicious someone hanging out in a parking lot or hanging around in a store, that clearly indicate they aren’t going to buy anything they may want to hit a panic alarm,” said Lt. Watson.

Police remind the public they can call Crimestoppers and make an anonymous tip so they won’t have to fear being identified in any way.

Only information that leads to an arrest of his man will qualify for the $15,000 reward.