Monroe Police Officers Save Family From Burning Home

MONROE, NC — “It was very scary, it was just very scary,” said Monroe mother Stephanie Munez.

Stephanie Munez calls Monroe police officers Corey Helms and Dylan Cole her heros after they saved her, her baby boy and two young nieces from their burning home.

“I just replay everything over and over again, I just have your face in my head, like, all the time,” said Munez.

Monroe police say Munez left baby bottles on the stove at her Lexington Avenue home, and around 2am Tuesday morning, the bottles caught on fire. Officer Helms was the first to see Munez as she was trying to escape.

“I look up at the second story window and I see a lady on the phone. I get her attention, she throws the keys down to me,” said Monroe Officer Corey Helms.

Officers Helms and Cole go in the house and upstairs, they find Munez and the three kids.

“We told them it’s time to go, stay low, stay behind us and let’s go,” said Officer Dylan Cole.

The officers led the family through the smoke, down the stairs to safety. They say they’re not heroes, just doing their job.

“It’s a very cliche answer; everyone always says what do you want to do, I want to help people, but that’s the main gear of why I went into law enforcement,” said Officer Cole.

Just about a year on the force for these young officers, and already fulfilling their career goals.

“You think about it like we just went into a house that’s on fire and pulled people out you know, I was like, that’s one thing I can cross off my bucket list,” said Officer Helms.