CMPD: Increased Security for Charlotte’s NYE Celebrations

CHARLOTTE, NC — 2018 is just days away, and the city of Charlotte is planning a huge party uptown. CMPD says there will be extra security, and some new security measures due to recent terror attacks.

“We’re doing it in Romare Bearden Park. It’s free, it’s open to the public, starts at 8,” said Moira Quinn of Center City Partners.

Quinn says as a gift to the city, they’re throwing a huge, free New Year’s party.

“We have fireworks at midnight, we have a band on the stage. The DJ takes the stage at 8, the band takes the stage at 10,” said Quinn. “It’s soul fusion, a fabulous party band.”

CMPD Major Gerald Smith says they’ve worked closely with the city for the past few months to make it a safe gathering.

“You will see an increase in police presence there,” said Smith. “You will see officers walking around, you will see officers on bicycles, motorcycles.”

As well as officers on foot, armed with patrol rifles.

Something new this year: road blocks to keep cars from driving into the park, and into the crowd.

“We watch the events around the world and around the nation, and those type of things we try to build on and mitigate against that could happen here in Charlotte,” said Smith.

Quinn says she expects a safe event like every year past. She also expects parking to be easy, but warns it could be pricey, so price compare before you pay, or just take public transportation.

“The best is always going to be the light rail,” said Quinn. “I always suggest to people you do that.”

Police say, as always, their best security is the crowd: if you see something say something.

The event is alcohol-free, so there will be no alcohol sold in the park, but there will be about 11 food trucks for those who want to eat there.