Shelters Seek to Bring Homeless in From the Cold

CHARLOTTE, NC — Living on the streets is a tough reality any time, but during the winter, it’s unbearable.

Urban Ministry Center, along with Room in the Inn, are at full capacity and increasing their bed overflow to shelter more from the frigid nights.

“A huge amount of people who are seeking shelter, people who maybe don’t normally come indoors, are not your typical shelter stayers, are seeking shelter because it is unbearably cold outside,” said Allison Winston of Urban Ministry Center.

Caring citizens are stopping by, dropping off desperately needed donations.

“We’re every man,” said south Charlotte resident Michelle Szukala. “Could be anybody, just need to take care of each other. I brought down some blankets, nice warm jackets, some good socks.”

Some good Samaritans even hit the streets with a box of blankets for those who haven’t made it inside somewhere.

“I know the neighbors are grateful to get out of the cold and have a good meal in a place that they’re welcome,” said Paul Hanneman of Room in the Inn.

“These people are very helpful and God bless them,” said one homeless man.

The Room in the Inn program with Urban Ministry had 171 beds to fill, and they were at capacity.