Wilson’s World: Catching up With the Students and Faculty at Idlewild Elementary

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson stopped in at Idlewild Elementary School this morning to visit and follow up on what has been going on with the students so far this year.  He enjoys visiting with the school because they have a great positive and upbeat attitude and great community involvement with students from over 42 different countries attending.  They were named the #1 Magnet School in the country this past May.

Principal Larenda Denien, assistant principal Matthew Slota and teacher Devin Dickerson joined Wilson to talk about all of the great things that are going on in the school. From their basketball league, cheerleading and step teams they are getting the kids active and moving as well as getting the school spirit and community engagement amped up.

The community has been very active with Idlewild Elementary.  Churches, family members, school staff members and businesses have all gotten together to help instill a sense of pride in the students for their school.

Find out how you can participate and become involved at Idlewild Elementary with their programs which include Lunch Buddies and their Real Men of Idlewild program,  go to their website HERE.  You can also follow Idlewild Elementary on Facebook, Instagram and of course Twitter.

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