Doctors: Worst Of Flu Is Yet To Come

CHARLOTTE, NC — Flu season continues to ravage the entire U.S., and you’re not immune.

Hospitals are tracking more deaths and hospitalizations in North and South Carolina.

Doctors say the worst is yet to come.

“I do know it’s been worse than usual this year,” said Chris Camerino. I know a lot of people are getting it even with vaccines.”

He’s a patient who received his flu shot earlier this year.

There were 21 flu deaths last week in North Carolina according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

That brings the total to 67 deaths since October 2017.

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South Carolina reported 22 new deaths last week.

That makes a total of 46 deaths there since October. Last flu season, doctors say there were 24 deaths there.

“The flu vaccine is not as effective as we had shopped it would be this season,” said Jesse Pike, Jr., owner of Pike’s Pharmacy.

Pike says he’s had three times as many customers this flu season compared to last.

“We’ve seen entire families, and it’s particularly upsetting when there’s a little one in the family that is exhibiting symptoms,” said Pike.

In Cary, North Carolina, the flu killed six-year-old Emily Muth in three days, despite doctor treatment.

Her mother, Rhonda Muth, is warning you.

“All of a sudden she just raised up, and went back down. And I noticed that – I’m like, ‘Emily, Emily.’ And I noticed she wasn’t breathing,” said Muth.

We contacted Novant Health, Carolinas Healthcare, and Piedmont Medical Center.

Anyone under 12-years-old cannot visit patients until further notice.

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If you have a cough or a fever, doctors ask you not to visit unless you’re seeking treatment.

“Wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough,” said Pike.

Pharmacists say the flu spreads as close as three feet and say you might be able to handle it, but your germs can infect someone who can’t.

They say get the flu shot even if you’ve already been sick this year.

It can shorten the flu. Plus, the symptoms wont be as harsh.