The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Sallie Saxon Part 1

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sallie Saxon found Jesus before the feds found her. Usually, it’s the other way around. But the former SouthPark Madame says she was taking a bath one night, inside the south Charlotte home where she was running her prostitution business, when she angrily asked God to do what she could not: put an end to her sordid, sexual crimes.

She says, “(It was) just a whisper in my mind, in my head, just as clear as I’m talking, though, and He said, ‘I am here.’ That’s all I needed to hear. (I) jumped out of that bathtub, had a pink Bible laying on my nightstand, only reason I had it, it matched my decor: pink and green.” She opened it, read it, and later that night told her husband Don that it was faith that would set them free.

The moment of hope saved her life. Sallie says she’d been paranoid and depressed. She’d saved up 300 Valium to overdose. Saxon says, “I was at the point of suicide. Plotting it, even went out and purchased a gown.”

She says she’d tried to quit her internet-based prostitution business three times. Her clients, men who could pay $1,000 an hour for sex, men with the ways and the means, wouldn’t let her. “Private investigators (were) coming to my house, threatening to go to my neighbors if I didn’t come back (to the business),” explains Saxon.

A couple months after that bathtub experience, Sallie says divine intervention came in the form of a knock at her door.

She had, for three months, not left her house. But at the door now was a Charlotte water department worker, or so she thought, telling Sallie he was about to dig up her front yard.

Saxon says, “I had to go down to the end of my driveway and I had my chihuahua in my arms, and this big burly water department guy said we’re gonna dig here, dig here. And they’d been on the street, they’d been out there a while watching me, and they kept moving closer to my house. A police car pulled up and I said, ‘what is he doing here?’ And he said, ‘It’s over with, Sallie. They’re here for you.’ And I said, ‘praise God. Praise God, I’m out.”

Sallie Saxon reveals here what’s happened to the infamous client list. She also breaks her silence about the person close to her who turned Sallie into the FBI.