Rezoning Approved for Affordable Housing Plan Near Mountain Island Lake

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte City Council gave the go ahead Monday night on a controversial rezoning project near Mountain Island Lake.

A developer wants to build nearly 100 affordable housing units, but there’s a catch.

“This particular petition is conventional, which means the developer is committing to nothing,” says Northwest Charlotte neighbor Tom Blomquist.

Neighbors say council’s quest to add more affordable housing in Charlotte led them to overlook several concerns.

“This particular developer will only go forward if he gets tax credits…,” Blomquist says, “So this is the flimsiest of petitions.”

Neighbors say they don’t mind affordable housing, but say the plan submitted, 96 units on eight and a half acres, is too dense.

They also say traffic is already too busy on Mount Holly-Huntersville Road and schools in the area are overcrowded.

“What we’re pleading with City Council is, you can’t keep on approving development unless there’s an infrastructure that can even reasonably support it,” Blomquist says.

“I think that we know what the council’s goals are around affordable housing,” said District 2 City Councilman Justin Harlow.

He argued in favor of the rezoning during Monday night’s meeting and says affordable housing is needed to support people who work at busy areas nearby like Northlake Mall.

“To support job centers and retail areas, we need density,” Harlow said.

But neighbors point to city staff, who recommended not approving the rezoning because it’s not consistent with the Brookshire Boulevard / I-485 area-plan developed in 2002.

They argue if the developer doesn’t get the tax credit, apartments could still be built, and they wouldn’t have to meet affordable housing standards.