Debate Continues as Activists Push for End to 287g Program in Mecklenburg County

CHARLOTTE, NC – Debate raged again at Tuesday night’s County Commission meeting over Mecklenburg County’s Participation in the 287g program.

It allows the Sheriff’s Office to partner with ICE to check a suspect’s immigration status.

Members of the group Comunidad Colectiva want the Sheriff’s Office to end the program.

Opponents say, since it began in 2006, it’s been used to deport more than 15,000 people from Mecklenburg County.

They also say it leads to mistrust in the community.

Sheriff Irwin Carmicheal argues 287g keeps residents safe from people accused of murder, rape, and other serious crimes.

The Sheriff says a person will only encounter the program if they’re arrested and that deputies don’t discriminate.

Everyone is asked for their immigration status.

Supporters also told commissioners the program is an important tool to keep drunk drivers off the road.

They say the debate needs to be based on more than emotions.