CMPD Using New Data Analytics System to Predict Officer Behavior

CHARLOTTE, NC – Is there a way to predict a police officer’s behavior?

CMPD is using new technology to determine which officers are at highest risk for having bad interactions with the public.

The “Early Intervention System” has been in place since November.

It’s a partnership with the University of Chicago that looks at everything from how many traffic tickets an officer is giving out, to how many murder scenes they’ve responded to.

“We’re trying to look at what might be going on in the background, what stressors are out there,” explains CMPD Capt. Mark Santaniello.

All 1800 CMPD Officers are ranked, the top five percent most at risk for having a bad interaction with the public are interviewed.

A stressed out officer might be offered counseling or an officer might get more training on sensitivity or de-escalation tactics.

“Anything to try to prevent an officer from having bad encounters, of course we’re in favor of it,” says Robert Dawkins, with police accountability group Safe Coalition NC.

Dawkins says while he supports the effort, he doesn’t know how police will measure it’s success.

“What you don’t get from EIS is, you don’t get the ability to see the results, because it should have stopped somebody from doing something bad,” Dawkins says.