Miami Police Officer Suspended After Video Shows Him Kick Suspect In Head


MIAMI, F.L. — A Miami police officer has been suspended after a video posted on Facebook shows a surrendering car theft suspect being kicked in the head.

The Miami Herald reports that Police Chief Jorge Colina announced Thursday that officer Mario Figueroa has been relieved of duty as the video “depicts a clear violation of policy.”

Figueroa has been suspended with pay.

The video posted Thursday morning shows the suspect, David Suoza, lying face down on the ground with an officer standing over him. That officer gets on his back and handcuffs him. The suspect doesn’t appear to be struggling.

Just after the second handcuff is secured, another officer identified as Figueroa runs in and kicks the suspect in the head. He then dives on the suspect’s head.

Police say Suoza was driving a stolen car and tried to flee from police after wrecking the vehicle.

Police union President Ed Lugo declined comment.