Waiting Child : Javonte

In today’s waiting child segment we spend the day with Javonte. His friends call him jt for short.  He’s in foster care and hopes to find his forever family.

Meet JT. He’s 12 years old and in the 7th grade. He loves math and science but doesn’t understand why he needs to take an entire class on reading, “Reading, I mean at least you can just read the book, why do you need a class on reading.”

He has a younger brother Demetrius and hopes they can get adopted together, “he’s like the perfect brother. Although, I figure sometimes I’m the little brother and he’s the big brother. Well sometimes I kind of act like a little brother and he’s right there, always by my side.”

JT dreams of a forever family that will spend quality time with him, be nice to him and love him unconditionally. He also shares that if he can have one more request he would want a pet, “I would kind of love a dog but I like hamsters too, they’re so cute, especially they’re cheeks I’m mean they’re so cute their little fat cheeks.”

Consider adoption you have the chance to change JT’s life forever.

If you think JT would make a great fit for your family contact the north carolina children’s home society.

Link: https://www.chsnc.org/