No Charges Will Be Filed Against CMPD Officer Involved In Deadly February Shooting

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The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday that no charges will be filed against Officer Daniel Flynn in connection to the shooting death of Charles Shoupe on February 2.

The DA says Officer Flynn faced “faced an imminent threat of great bodily harm or death” and was justified in the shooting.

You can read the full report by clicking here: Charles Shoupe Death Investigation

Update March 2, 2018:

CMPD released body-cam footage of an officer involved shooting that killed a man in west Charlotte.

CMPD says they were first called to the apartment the day before the shooting, on February 1st, after Charlie Shoupe’s mother called 911 requesting medical help for her son.  The woman reportedly told the dispatcher that her son had not taken his medicine and that he thoughts she was trying to kill him.

When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Shoupe for approximately 20 minutes.  That video can be seen here:

Shoupe appeared calm in the video and did not present an imminent threat to himself or anyone else, according to police.

He police police in the video he had been feeling okay and did not want to go to the hospital. Medic personnel arrived on the scene and also spoke with Shoupe and assessed his condition. They stated the Shoupe appeared lucid and calm.

Officers advised Shoupe’s mother that they could not legally force him to go to the hospital. Officers advised both Shoupe and his mother to call 911 if they needed further assistance.

On Friday, February 2nd, police responded back to the apartment in reference to a suicide attempt.  The Charlotte Fire Department and MEDIC were first on the scene and advised CMPD that the man had a knife and would not cooperate.

He was seen in cell phone video cutting himself with the knife as firefighters talked to him.  A short time later police arrived on the scene and encountered Shoupe.  The officer says he perceived an imminent deadly threat and fired his weapon, striking Shoupe seven times.

Shoupe died a short time later at a local hospital.  Police released the following body-cam footage from officers who arrived on the scene of the shooting:



CHARLOTTE, NC.– We are learning more about a deadly officer-involved shooting in West Charlotte. Cell phone video shows a man waving a knife around and harming himself, before a CMPD officer shot him. Officers were responding to a call about a suicide attempt. Police say when they got there, 27-year-old Charlie Shoupe refused to put the knife down, and charged toward an officer who opened fire.

Cell phone video shows Charlie Shoupe with a knife Friday in the parking lot of the Timberbrooke Apartments. Charlotte Firefighters tried to calm him down, but didn’t have any luck. You can see Shoupe cutting his own arm. Officers got to the scene and 11 year CMPD veteran Daniel Flynn, told Shoupe to drop the knife. Police say instead, Shoupe began charging, so Officer Flynn fired.

“The subject was indeed armed there was an immanent threat that the officer perceived,” says CMPD Chief Kerr Putney.

Shadavious Billings was watching TV when she heard chaos outside her apartment. She says she heard about 7 shots.

“Get my kids, it’s just me and her here right now. We kind of just get down, get to a safe place and wait it out,” says Billings.

Chief  Putney says internal affairs will conduct a parallel investigation to make sure policies and procedures were followed.

We showed — the video to licensed psychologist Dr. Kristin Daley. She says it’s difficult to say if CMPD acted appropriately, especially when someone is being so irrational.

Charlotte fire told CMPD that Shoupe said he wanted police to shoot him.

“There is this thing called suicide by cop, and what happens where somebody is really trying to hurt themselves they are actually trying to bait officers into shooting at them,” says Dr. Daley.

Which puts police in a difficult situation.

“The challenge can be you know you’re dealing with someone whose not being rational.”