Wilson’s World: Cruising Through the Classic Beauties as Streetside Classics

CONCORD, N.C. –  Streetside Classics has a newly built 50,000 sq ft showroom and houses about 250 classic cars.  Wilson was at there today where he was touring through the classic and muscle cars that will make any car buff’s heart beat a little faster.

Streetside Classics is a consignment dealer.  Owners can bring their car to Streetside where it will be detailed and shined up to go out onto their floor to be sold.   But, their cars aren’t just for the rich.  There are cars available in all price ranges.

Interested classic car buyers as well as fans can visit the showroom at Streetside to check out everything from a dynamic 1969 Camaro to trucks, roadsters, station wagons, VW buses and even police cars.  There is a classic car for every car lover… including some great classic “ragtops.”

Streetside Classics is open Tuesday through Saturday.  Check out their website for hours, directions and inventory at the Concord location at streetsideclassics.com/locations/nc.

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