Wilson’s World: Taking A Ride With Charlotte Ski Boats

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Christmas came early at Charlotte Ski Boats in Mooresville.

Wilson and his great rescue buddy George Harrison are ready for a boat ride and the weather is just perfect for it!

Wilson celebrated Christmas in July at Charlotte Ski Boats where Mr. and Mrs. Clause told him all about the company’s 12 days of Christmas event. Are you looking for a new or used boat? Want to shop for a new surf board or need a boating lesson? Charlotte Ski Boats has you covered.

The 12 days of Christmas event is the perfect time to get super savings and good deals on all things boats everyday for 12 days! Come in, take a look at some of the festive Christmas decor and make a purchase on a new boat for just the right price!

While learning about all deals and discounts, Wilson walked through the building to get a taste of what visitors can expect. He heard girls singing some ‘Frozen’ tunes and he met the cutest little boy in a frog costume. It’s all fun and smiles at Charlotte Ski Boats!

The company also started a Toys For Tots drive. Over the next 12 days of Christmas, Charlotte Ski Boats plans to fill an entire boat with new, unwrapped toys. You can help by making a donation!

Charlotte Ski Boats has been around in the Charlotte area since 2005. The Mooresville dealership opened up in 2015. And right now, Santa brought in some elves to help with the 12 days of Christmas event.

In addition, Wilson got an inside look at Santa’s little helpers working on custom orders for the X 24 boat and hyper lite surfboards and wake boards. Captain Henry took him outside to hang out in a Master Craft XT 25 that features the latest technology. This type of boat has triple screens on the dash that allows the driver and riders to have a much safer experience. With this neat feature, you no longer have to look back to see if the surfer or skier has fallen. Don’t rely on someone else, you can just keep your eyes on the screen.

The captain educated Wilson on some interesting boating facts. Did you know over 800 pontoon boats are sold in the Charlotte market? Captain Henry says as many parents age, they often like to trade in their ski boats for a pontoon boat because then they can enjoy a calm, sunset cruise with lots of friends and family members.

Some of the pontoons at Charlotte Ski Boats have 300 horse power engines and can go up to 40 MPH, which is faster than most ski boats.

Don’t miss out on the company’s fun theme nights. Charlotte Ski Boats holds a Lady’s Night on all the different lakes, including Lake Baden, Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. This week, the company is starting a Breakfast with the Bros where the guys go out, go surfing and indulge in a delicious breakfast.

Charlotte Ski Boats is always looking for ways to get involved in the community.

Interested in a visit or want a good deal on an item? To learn more about Charlotte Ski Boats, visit their website HERE or check out their Facebook page. If you prefer to speak with an employee, call 704-525-6006 for more information.

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