New Panthers Owner David Tepper Has New Practice Field On The Brain

CHARLOTTE, NC.–   David Tepper talking to the media for the first time Tuesday since becoming the official owner of the Panthers. A burning question for many fans: what’s going to happen to the statue of former owner Jerry Richardson? The answer was brief:

“I’m contractually obligated to keep that statue as it is,” says Tepper.

One thing Tepper talked a lot about, is the need for a new practice field.

“At this point given our practice fields and what other people have in the league, we’re falling behind a little bit.”

Leaving open the possibility of building a practice facility somewhere else.

“There’s a league-wide trend to having your own headquarters building separate from the stadium where you’re having your own training center, you have your practice field and you move your training camp,” says Erik Spanberg with the Charlotte Business Journal.

Spanberg has an idea of what Tepper might do with the stadium.

“My guess is, he is first going to renovate the current stadium, try and get a little more life out of that and then long-term focus on building a new stadium.”

Tepper again mentioned using the stadium for major league soccer, concerts, and even high school football championships. He says those things could set the stage for a public/private partnership that benefits the team and taxpayers.