Rock Hill Man Is Accused Of Exposing Himself At Community Pool

ROCK HILL, SC.–Residents in Rock Hill are shaken up after police arrested a neighbor for indecent exposure. The man is accused of exposing himself at the community pool. At least two children were there.

Police say 73-year-old John Cafarella was at the Sweetwater Plantation community pool on Tuesday, where he was sitting without clothes for at least five minutes. Dewayne Young has lived right down the street from the pool for four years. He’s concerned about what happened because he has a three-year-old son.

“As a father, I would be a little concerned because I don’t want them to be exposed to that. Like daddy why is this guy naked? Just not normal,” says Young.

According to the police report, a man says he was at the pool with his two children, saw Cafarella naked, and asked him to put clothes on. He says Cafarella responded: “they can’t even see me, they are across the pool.”

Cafarella told officers he was changing into dry shorts and had a towel covering his waist. He also said he “moves slow” because of his age.

“A little shocked, like what in the world is going on. Does the guy have dementia or something like that? Or was he just, I don’t know.”

The man who called police said he saw Cafarella moving his hand up and down in his groin area, but says he looked away quickly. So he doesn’t know if Cafarella was fondling himself. The suspect is out of jail.