CMPD: A String Of Armed Robberies Targeting Latinos

CHARLOTTE, NC.–  Only on WCCB, our cameras were there when one of seven victims in an armed robbery spree came home from the hospital. CMPD says criminals targeted seven Latino men in 48 hours.

CMPD says there could be up to four suspects in this crime spree and there could be more victims, but they may be too afraid to call 911. Residents and activists say that’s because they either don’t trust police, or are worried about immigration officials getting involved.

Seven armed robberies happening near Central Avenue and North Sharon Amity Road near the Greenbriar and Teal Point Apartments between Sunday night and Tuesday. Six other victims were robbed at gunpoint, one of them was shot at. Another was stabbed.

Residents say the Charlotte Latino community fears deportation. Police Chief Kerr Putney says it isn’t about politics, it’s about people.

“I don’t care where you’re from or what your status is. I care that you’re not victimized while you’re here in our city,” says CMPD Chief Putney.

Hector Vaca with Action NC says he’s not surprised that criminals are targeting Latinos.

“It’s sad that that’s happening, but it’s to be expected at a time where the current administration is creating this atmosphere where people feel it’s okay to attack immigrants,” says Vaca.

CMPD Officer Jose  Campos works with the Latino community. He wants residents to know they shouldn’t worry about immigration status.

“We try and communicate to them, we don’t ask for any immigration. We don’t work for immigration, we just want to make sure that people are safe,” says Campos.