Summer Of Rising Splash Contest: Who Has the Biggest Splash?

If you were wondering, the Rising crew does get to leave the studio and have fun…once in a while!

Just recently, the team went out and hopped into a pool at the Stratford Richardson YMCA in Charlotte to celebrate the Summer Of Rising!

Because what’s better than reliving your childhood summer vacation with warm weather, no school and spending lots of time at the pool.

Once the Rising co-hosts arrived at the YMCA, they decided to have an old-fashioned splash contest to see who could make the best and biggest splash!

They first warmed up with some water aerobics with Ciara from STAG Human Performance and it was no walk in the park to say the least!

Terrance’s jump was that of a can opener, Julianna did the twirly bird, Tonya gave quite the shout out and Derek went in with a cannon ball.

And finally, Derek sealed the deal with one thing that guarantees a HUGE splash- the BIG BAD BELLY FLOP! For sure, he regretted it.

Who do you think had the BEST and BIGGEST splash? We might say Tonya because she actually lost an eye lash. What do you think?