Video: Racial Slurs, Curse Words Shouted Over Anti-Trump Sign

CHARLOTTE, NC– Video gone viral after a man approached a Charlotte resident about an anti-Donald Trump sign in his front yard with a curse word on it.

“Get the f*** off my property, right now,” Tin Nguyen said in the video.

The other man is heard saying, “If Hillary Clinton, I wouldn’t give a f***, dude. If it said Bernie Sanders, I voted for Bernie Sanders, m***** f***** . I don’t give a f***. F*** you.”

That man argues children should not see the curse word.

At one point, he repeats a racial slur as he scurries off the lawn.

“I’m going to get you, n*****. N*****, n*****, n*****. F*** you.”

At one point, Nguyen says, “Cracker a***.”

The man responds with, “I’m a cracker? I built this country.”

Nguyen is an immigration attorney.

He stood with the non-profit Southeast Asian Coalition to talk about the confrontation.

“We confronted white supremacy head on,” said Nguyen.

The woman behind the camera was Cat Le.

“The Trump Administration has allowed white supremacists to feel emboldened to escalate attacks against our communities,” said Le.

WCCB Charlotte reached out to the man Nguyen says is seen in the video. No Response.

I spoke to a parent next door.

“It’s a word. You need to explain it to them, and you can barely see it,” said Melissa Guzman.

We asked if Nguyen is concerned about children seeing the sign.

“The parents need to explain to them what’s happening in this country under Trump, what’s happening to other little children that are being locked up in cages and other kids that are citizens that are being locked up in county jails,” said Nguyen.

He says what should concern parents is the man yelling this in his front yard:

“I’m going to get you n*****. N*****, n*****, n*****. F*** you.”

WCCB Charlotte reached out to the city and CMPD to find out if the sign violates any city ordinances or laws.

The city says it does not regulate signs, and CMPD says it is free speech.