City Leaders Say CMS School Safety Improvements Are Happening Now

CHARLOTTE, NC.– CMPD School Resource Officers and CMS police officers are getting on the same page on how to train students for an active shooter situation. City leaders say they want the public to know: school safety is their priority.

The CMPD Chief, CMS Superintendent and a City Council member led a town hall at Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church to give an update on the steps they’ve taken to make schools safer.

CMPD Chief Kerr Putney says 50 School Resource Officers, plus about 25 CMS officers started active shooter training in the spring and will continue through the summer. It’s unclear when that training will be implemented in schools.

“We’re going to make sure everybody knows protocols in case something tragic happens, and they can take solace in the fact that were seamlessly working together as two agencies that wanna make sure their students are safe,” says Chief Putney.

The district is using money approved in the new budget to hire 30 new guidance counselors, 20 social worker and 10 psychologists. CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox says the district is also working to make campuses more secure.

“We know that we need some security films, we know that we’re going to use some security fencing, we know we’re going to change door locks and how we monitor that, we know we’re going to police officers to our accounting,” says Dr. Wilcox.

CMS police are in the process of hiring five more officers. Mecklenburg County Commissioners approved $4.6 million for school security upgrades in next year’s budget.