Host Committee– Preparations Are Already Underway For 2020 RNC

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Charlotte is the official host city of the 2020 Republican National Convention. The CEO of the host committee tells WCCB, they are already preparing. We’ve learned 17,000 hotel rooms are already reserved. The RNC host committee is also recruiting volunteers.

“It’s one of those bittersweet moments where you’re so excited about the announcement but know you’ve got an enormous amount of work ahead of you,” says Mecklenburg County Republican Party Chair Chris Turner.

That work includes a lot of fundraising. According to Charlotte’s bid, the projected budget for the convention is nearly $64 million. The host committee set its fundraising goal at $70 million. The CEO of the host committee, John Lassiter, tells me they are working to identify local and national partners. The 2012 DNC didn’t use cooperate funding and came up short $7 million from its $37 million goal.

“We’re not putting that restraint on our capacity to raise funds. So we’ll be raising funds from individuals and companies both regionally and around the country,” says Lassiter.

Former Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts was on the 2012 DNC host committee. She says in the coming weeks, the RNC host committee will work with the visitor’s bureau, hotels and restaurants in Uptown, and transportation services.

“So you’re looking at how many people can each place hold, what’s the transportation going to be like, how can we confirm the rooms. So a lot of this right now is logistics,” says Roberts.