Wilson’s World: Wilson Invades the Studios of Public Radio Station WFAE

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson will be Wilson, but this morning he was just a little more subdued when he was visiting the studios of  radio station WFAE 90.7.  For 37 years WFAE has been serving Charlotte as part of the publicly funded National Public Radio system.

Recently WFAE has been garnering national attention with their popular podcasts.  Wilson was joined by some of the broadcasters and journalists who are creators of these podcasts.  Tommy Tomlinson,  Sarah Delia, Mike Collins, Nick de la Canal and Joni Deutsch each talked with Wilson about their podcasts and projects.

Wilson even got a little sentimental while talking with Mike Collins who he has known for years.

This Thursday, August 2nd, Sarah and Mike will co-host a public conversation on sexual assault at McGlohon Theater.  If you would like to fin out more or sign up to attend please register at WFAE.org.

Check out WFAE podcasts at their weblink wfae.org/podcastcentral.

WFAE is an independent non-profit station whose mission is journalism that informs, enriches, and inspires.  You can help continue to support their mission by going to their website HERE to donate.

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