Women Targeted In Charlotte, Two rapes — In One Week

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Women targeted in Charlotte. Two rapes — in one week. The latest attack happened Friday in Uptown Charlotte. The victim is a woman who left work and was trying to get home. The suspect is on the loose, and women fear they could be the next victim. That suspect has a very distinctive tattoo, and police hope it will lead them to him.

CMPD says neither woman knew their attacker, something CMPD says is very concerning.

Early Friday morning, near the 200 block of North Caldwell Street, where a 31-year -old woman was trying to walk to the transit center from working the overnight shift. That’s when police say a man with a weapon forced her to another location and raped her.

“It makes me feel very unsafe because I do live downtown and I do have to walk down here a lot,” says Uptown resident Mazzani Williamson.

CMPD says the suspect is described as being muscular, wearing thick-framed glasses and has a distinctive tattoo on his left forearm. Investigators say the victim and the suspect were strangers.

On July 27th, a 24-year-old woman dropped off her car on West 26th street around 3:30 in the afternoon. She was walking when police say Robert Thorne approached her, asking if she wanted a ride.

“She accepted that ride, in the course of the ride, Robert Thorne sexually assaulted the victim,” says CMPD Sgt. Allie Rooks.

Police arrested him today. Again, the woman didn’t know the suspect.