The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Torrey Smith

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – “I’m not the biggest Patriots fan in the world, everyone knows that,” Torrey Smith says with a laugh. He continues, “But, it is an organization that I have a lot of respect for, in terms of the leaders there, they have one of the greatest coaches ever. They have, in my opinion, the greatest quarterback ever. So there’s greatness there, so when every you play them, whether it’s preseason or a real game, you can see where you are, see where you stand.”

Off the field, Smith makes it clear where he stands on community issues, and making a positive impact. Most recently, he sported a t-shirt that reads, “schools not prisons,” a message about supporting education. Smith says that can be as simple as donating to a school supply drive, “And even beyond that is what you can do for teachers. Teachers don’t get paid enough, teachers don’t have enough resources. So anything you have the opportunity to support them, I would say do it, because if you support the teachers, you’re supporting the kids.”

Smith and his wife Chanel have two kids of their own, and are expecting their third, a girl, in December. Fans know about Smith’s family from his social media posts, but they might not know this: “Big love for the military, my father served in the 82nd out of Ft. Bragg Airborne out in Fayetteville, so that’s something a lot of people don’t know.”

What people do know about, is Smith’s willingness to speak on tough issues. He tells me conversations between the Players Association and the league are “in the works” after team owners voted into place a controversial anthem policy at their May meeting. Smith says, “I don’t think the NFL realized that they made a mistake by just rolling that out,” and, “The best policy, in my opinion, would have been no policy.”

That said, Smith says he wants to stop focusing on anthem protests, and start amplifying what the players are protesting: social injustice and police brutality. Smith says, “A lot of your viewers…how we can help.”

Right now, Smith is locked in on making a positive impact in Charlotte, and learning more about not just his new city, but his new football family. He says, “When you hear guy’s stories and learn about them, you realize that you are more alike, than we are different.”

WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked Smith about the next cause he’ll get behind. He says he’s working on Charlotte-specific issues, but he didn’t want to reveal anything, until he does more research. Also, he says the “Schools Not Prisons” tee-shirts will be for sale during the regular season.