Growing Concerns From Charlotte Residents Who Say Electric Scooter Safety Rules Need To Be Clearer

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Growing concerns from Charlotte residents who say electric scooter safety rules need to be clearer. As the pilot program for the scooters comes to an end — city leaders say rules need to be in place now.

People in Uptown who say electric scooters are taking over city sidewalks. They’re calling on city leaders for stricter rules, before a tragedy.

“They don’t even blow the little horns on them, they just shoot by you. You have to slide out of the way right, quick,” says East Charlotte resident Tiffany Mahone.

In May, 300 Lime, Bird and Spin electric scooters made their debut in the Queen City. Company user agreements for the scooters say riders are supposed  to stay on bike lanes and roadways, and obey traffic laws. But it’s clear most people — aren’t reading the fine print.

“They’re definitely unsafe, especially on the sidewalks with pedestrians and what not. They’re able to crash into others, if anything they could potentially crash into traffic,” says Uptown resident Ashley Hart.

Charlotte City Council member Larken Egleston agrees.

“For me it’s more about trying to keep people off sidewalks, keep people off interstates, highways or roads with speed limits that are in now way conducive to scooters being on them,” says Egleston.

He thinks the city needs to be more aggressive about stricter rules and regulations before the the pilot program ends in October.

“When it does end, we’ve already crafted a set of rules. We can continue to improve those, and they can evolve over time. But I didn’t want the end of the pilot to be the beginning of the conversation we have around the rules and regulations.”

Egleston supports having helmets required for the electric scooters,but doesn’t think that’s realistic. Right now, Bird riders can request free helmet from the company.