NFL Won’t Allow Thomas Davis to Use PSL Tickets During Suspension

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A change of plans for Thomas Davis, who told WCCB exclusively earlier this month that he intended to spend game days during his suspension, supporting his teammates from the stands. Then, he told WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty, “I absolutely plan on attending the games. I know that you can’t really have access over there when you’re suspended, but I’m a PSL owner now, so I’m gonna go over there and I’m gonna attend the games, using my own tickets.”

After the league learned about what Thomas told WCCB, they put a stop to it. Now, Davis explains, “As a PSL owner, I can’t use my tickets, found that out the hard way, but, um, you know just trying to stay positive and stay a part of it as best I can.” And, “It was tough and extremely disappointing to know that you spend your hard earned money to be a PSL owner for a team, and the NFL rules state you can’t use ’em, which I had no clue that was in the rule book.”

Davis will work out, promising to be in the best shape of his life when he returns week six, when the Panthers play the Redskins on the road. He’ll attend his kids athletic events. And Thomas’ tickets will still be put to good use: he’ll distribute them through his non-profit, The Defending Dreams Foundation. He says, “You know, it’s tough, but there are gonna be a lot of deserving kids that are gonna be very excited to use my tickets.”

Davis also says this suspension has gotten more difficult as the preseason winds down, saying during the last preseason game, he wants to work on fine-tuning the defense, and enjoying his teammates, who he says he will miss the most during this forced break.