Wilson’s World: Learning More about OneWorld Stories at Albemarle Road Middle School

CHARLOTTE, N.C. –  Wilson made a personal visit to the students at Albemarle Road Middle School in June where he learned about their participation in a project called OneWorld Stories.  Today he wanted to share with us what he learned about this wonderful project and spend the morning with the kids and show us more about the OneWorld Stories project. As 7th grade student Alayhin Rai said about the project, “it was fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!”

Students at Albemarle Road Middle  partnered up with kids at a school in Chennai, India to write a book and even have it published.  The book “The Malicious Prince” brought together two schools in different cultures to learn about each other.  Proceeds from the sale of the book go back to both schools of the students.

“The Malicious Prince” is the result of the OneWorld Stories project. The goal of OneWorld Stories is to break down cultural barriers and enable students to recognize their similarities, respect their differences, and take there experiences with them throughout their life.

Jessica Bunch, the founder of OneWorld Stories joined Wilson to talk about the project and discuss her enthusiasm and inspiration behind the project.

Teachers can find out how to connect their students with other students around the world through OneWorld Stories by going to their website oneworldstories.com.

Find out more information about Albemarle Road Middle School Students book “The Malicious Prince” and how to purchase it on Amazon, click HERE.  The kids will also have a book signing at Park Road Books on October 13th at 11am.  Park Road Books is located at 4139 Park Road in the Park Road Shopping Center.

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