Vance And Mallard Creek Face Off Saturday In The WCCB All-American Game of the Week

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Charlotte 49ers may be on the road this weekend, but their house will still be rockin’ when two Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school teams meet on the gridiron.

The WCCB All-American Game of the Week kicks off on Saturday at Jerry Richardson Stadium, and it promises to be a good one. It will be a conference showdown between the Vance Cougars and the Mallard Creek Mavericks.

Max Preps has the game ranked as a top ten matchup.

Mallard Creek is ranked second in the state, while Vance is number ten. Both sides are currently undefeated, which makes the playoff implications for this conference game even greater.

Kickoff is scheduled for 8pm, but will follow the previous game at UNCC 30 minutes after it concludes.