Toyota of N Charlotte shares safe driving tips for trick or treating

N Charlotte Toyota safetyHalloween is less than a week away – have you made a plan for candy collection yet? Trick or treating is one of the biggest traditions on All Hallow’s Eve but whether you’re hitting the sidewalks, hitting the road, or both, you need to do it safely. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with safe driving AND safe trick or treating tips to ensure you and your little monsters stay safe on the spookiest night of the year.

Trick or treating safety tips from Toyota of N Charlotte

Tip #1: Make yourself visible.

If your little ghouls and ghosties are wearing dark costumes, they’re harder to see at night when you start collecting candy. If you can’t incorporate anything light-colored into their clothes, then consider sticking some reflective tape on them so oncoming cars can see them better even when it’s dark out.

Tip #2: Ensure you choose a safe, well-lit neighborhood.

Obviously, you want to choose a safe neighborhood to trick or treat. However, it’s also important that it’s well-lit! Pick streets that have sidewalks and street lights so cars can see you and you can see them, especially when you’re crossing. Well-lit areas are just safer to be in at night, anyway.

Tip #3: Follow basic pedestrian safety rules.

Do your little monsters know the basics of pedestrian safety? Teach them things like to only cross at crosswalks, to look both ways before crossing the road, to avoid running in between parked cars, and to stay on the sidewalks whenever possible.

Safe driving is essential on Halloween night

Tip #4: Stop engaging in distracted driving.

Distracted driving is dangerous any night of the year, but especially on Halloween when there are a lot of pedestrians out and about trick or treating and heading to parties. Use safe driving – put away your phone, keep your eyes on the road, stop changing radio stations, and hold your steering wheel with both hands. This will help you react more quickly should you have to avoid a little ghoul or ghost who darts into your path.

Tip #5: Turn on your headlights.

Like we said, there’s a lot more foot traffic on Halloween. You need to have the best visibility possible, which means you need to turn those headlights on. Keep them on from dusk until dawn, and be sure that they’re in good condition (shining brightly). If you need a bulb replaced or headlight restoration to get them in top shape, call our Toyota service center in N Charlotte!

Tip #6:  Follow basic traffic safety rules.

This is when you should break out your best safe driving habits. Come to a complete stop at stop signs, stop fully before you turn right on red, check the crosswalks to ensure they’re clear, and follow the speed limit, especially in residential and urban areas.

We hope you have a hauntingly happy Halloween – if you need to schedule Toyota service for your headlights, call our N Charlotte Toyota auto service center at (704) 659-2025 today! 

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