Op-Ed: “It’s Time to Man Up.”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The #MeToo movement has been hijacked, writes Charlotte clinician Justin Perry, of Perry Counseling, Healing and Recovery, PLLC. Hijacked, he says, to center false accusations as the real epidemic. WCCB News Edge host Morgan Fogarty asked, “From your perspective as a mental health professional, what are the realistic numbers behind false accusations?” Perry says, “The numbers that we say is roughly 10 percent of accusations may be false. So, 90 percent are definitely happening and that’s also understanding that a lot of them aren’t even reported.”

In his October op-ed for the local paper, Perry writes, “In a country where Emmett Till was lynched for flirting he didn’t do, I would never say false accusations never happen. I will say that the frequency is so rare that the ‘men protecting’ talking point universally serves us poorly. Perry says, “Your sons are actually more at risk of being sexually assaulted than they are of falsely accused.”

Sex assault and domestic violence are rooted in toxic masculinity, Perry says, writing in his op-ed specifically about the words “man up.” It’s a phrase, Perry writes, we use incorrectly, to tell boys and men to stop crying or suppress a legitimate feeling. “And so it comes out in a lot of different ways and one of the ways is domestic violence, one of the ways is sexual assault, higher levels of substance abuse, it comes out in 70 percent of the people who successfully commit suicide were men.”

Perry writes “Women can’t end misogyny and rape culture. Only men can. Join me in taking the overdue step to man up.” He continues, “I want to reclaim this phrase that we use, to shift it toward manning up and owning that the culture we grew up in, is not a healthy culture.”

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