Family Says Butler High Student Shot and Killed Had “A Heart of Gold”, GoFundMe Page Created For Funeral Expenses

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A GoFundMe page has been set up to cover 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen’s funeral.

The page has raised over $8,600. You can donate HERE.

Bobby was tragically gunned down at Butler High School on Monday.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A day after the deadly shooting at Butler High School, one family grieves the loss of their son, while another family watches as their 16-year-old walked into a Mecklenburg County Courtroom to face first-degree murder charges.

“You send your kids off to school and you never imagine that that’s their last moment,” said BobbyMcKiethen Senior. He says the greatest experience for any parent is to watch your child grow up. He no longer can.

“I’m going to miss him going to the prom,” said McKeithen, “I’m going to miss him going to graduation and college.”

Police say Bobby McKiethen Junior was shot in the torso after a fight in the hallway of Butler High School on Monday.

School Superintendent Clayton Wilcox says the altercation stemmed form bullying.

“He had a heart of gold. everybody loved him and he loved everybody,” said Ashley Mewborn, Bobby McKiethen’s mother.

She defended her son’s reputation.

“He was not a bully. He took care of all of his siblings and made sure they were all okay. He had the biggest heart,” said Mewborn.

Meanwhile, the 16 year old student accused of killing McKiethen was in court on Monday.

“Nervous, scared,” said Public defender Joel Adelman, describing his clients feelings.

Adelman asked the judge for a $10,000 bond and home electronic monitoring for his client, Jatwan Cuffie.

The judge denied that request.

Cuffie’s family was in the courtroom today. They declined to speak to reporters.

“He’s their son he’s their baby, he’s 16 year old and it’s difficult for them as it would be for any parent,” said Adelman.

McKiethen’s mother questions how the incident could have happened in the first place.

“A child shouldn’t have been able to walk into the school with a gun and be able to shoot my baby in his, just shoot him in the side and kill him,” said Mewborn.

She also cautions people not to pass judgement on her son.

“Whatever kind of person you choose to believe he was… He still did not deserve to be shot and killed at school,” said Mewborn.

Cuffie has a bond hearing on November 7th and a probable cause hearing later in the week.