Outgoing Mecklenburg County Sheriff Reflects on Term

CHARLOTTE, NC — Mecklenburg County Sheriff Irwin Carmichael is getting ready to say goodbye to his position. He has been the sheriff for the last four years. He is leaving the office on December 3.

Sheriff Carmichael says he is not done with law enforcement for good, but he is not going to serve in Mecklenburg County. Wednesday, he spoke with WCCB about his legacy.

“After the church shooting in Charleston, I asked every one of my deputies when they have to do paperwork, do it in a church parking lot during a church service.” said Carmichael. He continued, “After that, I realized elementary schools didn’t have school resource officers, so Monday through Friday they are in elementary school parking lots.”

Sheriff Carmichael lost re-election in May to former CMPD homicide detective Garry McFadden, who was against the controversial 287G program. The program was a key driver in the race. It allows local deputies to aid federal immigration officials by running suspect’s names through immigration databases to determine if they’re undocumented.