Traveling with pets: 6 N Charlotte Toyota tips

6 N Charlotte Toyota tips for traveling with pets

N Charlotte Toyota tips

If you’re hitting the highway this holiday season, there’s a big chance you’re taking your four-legged friends along for the ride. What’s Christmas without your pets at your side? However, it’s not as simple as putting your pets in the backseat and taking off for the highway. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with 6 travel tips to keep your pets safe, happy, and stress-free this holiday season.

Use these N Charlotte Toyota tips when traveling with pets

Tip #1: Plan your trip

Plan your trip ahead of time. Are you going to be stopping overnight at all? If so, make sure the hotel or stop you’ve chosen is pet-friendly. You should also check your final destination to ensure your four-legged friend is welcome. And don’t forget to plan for plenty of rest stops so Fido can get out and stretch his or her legs and use the restroom.

Tip #2: Pack ahead of time

Pack ahead of time so you’re ready for anything when traveling with pets! Make sure your N Charlotte Toyota is stocked with food, snacks, water, blankets, toys, and any medicines your pet may need during the trip. And don’t forget winter gear (if necessary) and a leash.

Tip #3: Get identification

It’s terrifying when you get separated from your pet, but the possibility is there and you should prepare for it. Make sure to keep your pet leashed when at gas stations and rest stops and ensure they always wear a collar that has tags with their name and your contact information on them. Microchipping is an even more effective way to keep them safe if their collar gets pulled off.

Tip #4: Invest in safety gear

It’s not safe to load up your pet in the backseat without safety precautions – after all, we wear seatbelts, so why shouldn’t they? Consider crating your pet in the back of your car if they have anxiety, or invest in a safety harness that attaches to the seatbelt. If you get into an accident and your pets aren’t secured, they can be injured or killed and also turn into projectiles that can injure you and your passengers.

Tip #5: Get them comfortable

Make sure your pet is comfortable wherever you secure them and bring blankets and toys to make them feel more at home. You should also consider skipping their big meal before a car ride and feeding them light snacks instead, as that’s easier on their stomachs. If your pet gets anxiety when traveling, talk to your vet about medication or other ways to ease their minds.

Tip #6: Be a responsible pet owner

Never leave your pet alone in the car. It’s dangerous and irresponsible and can be fatal for them, especially in extreme temperatures like winter weather.

Prep for a road trip at our N Charlotte Toyota service center

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