Unclear If Red Light Cameras Will Be Included In Charlotte’s Safety Initiative

CHARLOTTE, NC. — It’s still unclear if the controversial red light cameras will be included in Charlotte’s initiative to end traffic fatalities and injuries. City transportation officials won’t say if red light cameras will be part of their Vision Zero Safety plan.

Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt tells WCCB the cameras will be discussed in the Vision Zero presentation. She’s in favor of considering red light cameras as a tool for traffic enforcement.

The city had the Safe Light program from 1998 to 2006.

People caught on camera running red lights were fined $50.

Studies showed accidents dropped as much as 60% at some of the 22 intersections that had cameras.

The city shut off the cameras after the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled 90% of the money brought in from fines had to go to schools.

That didn’t leave enough to cover operating costs.

In March 2017, Mayor  Vi Lyles was vocal about her support for bringing the cameras back to make dangerous intersections safer.

Meanwhile, Charlotte city council member Braxton Winston says he doesn’t think red light cameras will help achieve safer streets. He thinks Charlotte needs to focus on being a city that is less car-centric by focusing on infrastructure improvements that  make traffic slower.

City officials say there should be an update on Vision Zero in the city’s next transportation and planning meeting.