Rising Flu Cases Across South Carolina

FORT MILL, SC. — Rising flu cases across South Carolina. There are growing concerns after the CDC reported high flu activity in nine states: including The Palmetto State.

The CDC says so far this season, there have been 11 flu-related deaths in South Carolina.

North Carolina has less flu-related deaths then they did last year, with ten since September.

The CDC estimated last season’s flu vaccine was about 40%  effective last season. It’s still unknown how it effective it will be this season. Regardless, Dr. Branner with Atrium health says you should still get the vaccine.

“Even when the vaccine is not 100% effective in preventing the flu, we still recommend you get the vaccine so that it helps to improve your recovery time,” says Dr. Banner.

Dr. Banner warns to watch out for spreading germs, especially now.

“Families get together and you get the mixing of germs and stuff, so we certainly see flu cases increase right after the holidays.”

CDC recommends vaccination against the flu for everyone 6 months and older.

It stresses that those that are at a higher risk for complications like those under five and over 65-years-old should get the vaccine.