The Only One Not to be Seated

RALEIGH, N.C. – “My 434 colleagues in the House of Representatives will raise their hand and take the oath of office and will be seated. It’s my understanding, if I’m correct, that I’m the one seat remaining of the 435 to be seated,” NC 9th District Congressman-Elect Mark Harris said Thursday.

He is correct; he was the only member of the historic 116th congressional class not sworn in.

Clerk of the US House of Representatives Karen Haas said, “Certificates of Election 434 seats in the 116 congress have been received by the Clerk of the House. The Clerk has not received a Certificate of Election for the 9th district of the state of North Carolina.”

Instead, Harris, under investigation after allegations of election fraud, was in Raleigh with his attorneys. They filed court documents, asking that Harris be declared the winner of November’s Ninth District election, despite the ongoing probe.

And Harris himself met with the state elections board investigators for about two hours. He declined to answer whether they talked about McCrae Dowless, the man he admits he hired. Dowless is accused of illegal absentee ballot collection schemes. Harris would only say this: “It was a good meeting. We felt like several weeks ago when this started that we want to cooperate.”

His democratic opponent Dan McCready took to Twitter afterward, writing in part, “…Harris is under investigation for unprecedented election fraud perpetrated by his campaign, spearheaded by a man he handpicked and paid to produce votes. He is not the victim here, the voters are, ” and, “Harris pretends to assist the investigation, but, make no mistake, he’s obstructing. He’s refused to release 100,000 documents requested by the elections board that may be relevant.

Reporters asked Harris and his attorney about those extra documents Thursday. The attorney told reporters they are in the process of providing them to investigators.