North Charlotte Karate Instructor Saves Woman From Kidnapper

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  A woman got away from her attempted kidnapper after the guy chased her into a North Charlotte karate studio, and the instructor beat him up.

Randall Ephraim has been practicing the art of karate for more than 40 years. A woman ran into his studio, Bushiken Karate, after his Thursday evening karate class screaming for help.

“She was definitely in a panic, she was scared to death she was highly freighted,” says Ephraim.

A man, later identified by police as 46-year-old August Williams, came in after her.

“I asked the gentleman what was the problem and the lady stated he’s trying to get me, he’s trying to pull me in the truck.”

Ephraim says he asked the man to leave repeatedly. He refused and shoved the karate instructor. That’s when things got physical.

“A basic self-defense techniques that at the same time helped my welfare and made sure the gentleman wasn’t hurt as well.”

People in the studio called 911. CMPD says Williams resisted arrest. When officers got him into custody, they took him to the hospital.

“The suspect was taken to primarily the hospital, we believe he ingested some crack cocaine,” says CMPD Captain J.D. Thomas.

Police say Williams had minor scrapes from the brawl.  He faced several charges including: assault on a female, attempted kidnapping, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting a public officer.

Investigators say they don’t know why Williams went after the victim. Police say there might have been a relationship between the two at some point.